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It's your choice

Brunch Midmorning…. Rockstar cool in black and shades. There could be vodka in your tomato juice, there could be kale flakes but who's to know except you? Mid afternoon could find you on a sun drenched yacht. Or napping….. Or scuba diving. Who knows what you are doing this evening. Opera, late supper, Netflix You want to rock your ink in your lace gown at the opera, but not feeling it with your floral bikini?

It's Your Choice

Dream job interview and not sure how your ink will go down?

It's Your Choice… Getting married and want your backless look bare?

It's Your Choice… But when you choose - you don’t half-arse it. You don’t squint into the computer screen trying to match your one-of-a- kind skin tones into computer pixels. Nope. You go for the world’s best tattoo makeup concealer. The one that gives you a range of shades so you can match the colour to you. Not the other way around.

But if you really want to know about me. I'm a Brisbane digital marketer who couldn't find anything to cover my tattoo. So I found the best tattoo concealer in the world and started importing it into Australia. 

I think maybe someone else got to this tagline before me but I'm going to borrow it anyway.

Tattoo Makeup Concealer - Cos you're worth it....

Kathy Wilson

Kathy Wilson


My bio:

Kathy Wilson wants to live in a world where coffee is perfectly made, love letters are written on post its and everyone gets to be who they want to be every single day.

A sought-after SEO Specialist and Author (not always in that order)  she’s been spotlighted on Mamamia, and Tourism Media.

When she’s not writing, you can find her re-reading the Dresden Files (if you don't know it, get it from Audible now) and eating  obscene amounts of peanut brittle icecream without a trace of shame.