Is Tattoo Secret the best tattoo cover up for you? Take our 20 second quiz and find out...

Tattoo cover ups either work or they don't.

It's that simple.

Sometimes our customers need to cover a tattoo for a job interview.

Sometimes it is for a wedding.

And sometimes our customers are covering something other than a tattoo. Dark veins for example or a birthmark or a scar.

No matter why you need it, we want to make sure it works for you. So, we've put together a quick quiz to help you work out whether our tattoo cover up is right for you.

We have tried to keep it as simple as possible so it only takes about 20 seconds. 


Tattoos are forever. Mostly.

Sometimes though. Things change.

For some, who get tattoos in their twenties (or teens) hitting middle age means that the tattoos are no longer relevant. Maybe they don’t really represent who they are anymore.  Or hold the relevance they once did.

Something that was once cool and meaningful might not seem the same way once you become a parent or move higher up the corporate ladder.

So what kind of tattoos are the easiest to remove or cover up? While there is no exact science, here are 3 broad things to consider:

1. Location. Tattoos that are further away from the face like the hands, fingers, ankles, and feet; are more difficult to remove but are usually easier to conceal with makeup.

The skin is often easier to match the tone and with specially formulated make-up can usually be hidden successfully.

2. Rubbing

Like any makeup - tattoo makeup concealer can rub and smudge. If the tattoo is on an area of the body that experiences rubbing from clothing: waistbands, bra/bra straps, shirt collars, t-shirt cuffs, etc it can be difficult to cover and keep covered.

3. The tattoo itself

And of course, the style colour and design of the tattoo itself matters as well.  As tattoos age, they tend to fade and so may be easier to cover  than newer ones.

Covering your tattoo with makeup

If you are looking for the best way to cover your tattoo with makeup we have some excellent free resources for you. Check out our site for some more articles or you could start with this one:

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