How to use Tattoo Secret Camouflage Kit

How do I actually use tattoo makeup concealer? 

STEP 1: Prepare the area

Lots of tutorials make this step seem really complicated. Don't be fooled. It's not. You need your skin to be clean and dry and moisturised. If you want to get really fancy use an ordinary makeup primer but that's it.

Clean, dry and moisturised. Done.

Here's what that looks like:

STEP 2: Add the Neutralising Base Concealer

Use the spatula that is provided and place a little of the Base Concealer onto your hand. Using small strokes, take the concealer onto the brush and apply to the tattoo.

Do one full layer first. Wait for it to dry a little and do another and then if needed, another until the tattoo is fully covered.

Test out both of the colours that are provided and don't be afraid to use both. Different areas of your tattoo may need a different concealer colour.

Here's how that looks:





In every Tattoo Secret kit, there are 3 Finishing Colours. They come in light or medium and contain high colour pigments for long-lasting coverage.


This is where you should spend a little time. Play around and test out different combinations. Apply the Finishing Colours to achieve a natural match to your skin tone.  Again, take the spatula.

Place a little Finishing Colour on the palm or back of your hand. This will allow the texture to soften. That way it will be easier to apply and colour match. Make sure you blend the edges carefully.

As before, add as many layers as you need. Every few layers use some of the finishing powder. This is your skin and your look so experiment with the combination that works for you. Here's what that looks like:    

STEP 4: Add Finishing Powder Our Finishing Powder is realy easy to apply. It is lightweight and allows the makeup to set with a water-resistant finish. It is easy to apply. All you have to do is touch the powder on with the puff that we have provided. Once that is done, you can brush off any excess with the smaller brush. And here's what the finished product looks like...