"Lush, Creamy and Killing it" - Tattoo Cover for fair to medium skin (IN STOCK - Usually ships within 24 hours)

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Tattoo Secret Camouflage Kit (Fair)

5 Star Reviews (more reviews here)

5 star review

"Super pleased with the result. My friends couldn't believe it" Ally Plowman

"Great product and was amazed at how well it covered everything."Tina Hay


Conceal your Tattoo like it was never there. This tattoo makeup concealer kit is quick, easy to use and it works! And it lasts the whole day

  • Covers your ink for up to 12 hours. 
  • Gives a natural, smudge and water-resistant finish.
  • Our kit is imported from the UK and is amongst the very best in the world.
  • It includes two neutralising concealers, three colour match finishing colours, powder, with brushes and applicators.
  • Infinite colour combinations.
  • Easy to use - we'll show you how.
  • Get a perfect skin tone match

“It gives good coverage and is also water-resistant” – Sunday Times

“…for superb coverage that is long-lasting and waterproof” – Express

Why Tattoo Secret?

Tattoo Secret is made by The Beauty Dispensary in the U.K. This company was created to bring imaginative and effective products to your beauty routine.

Here's how they describe their mission:

The Beauty Dispensary was founded by women facing the same beauty issues as you, put it simply we wanted products that work, are kind to your skin and wonderfully easy to use. We hope this comes across in our product, packaging and application guides.

So, why the tattoo business? Whether it’s a special do, a new look or just something you’d sometimes prefer to keep secret, there are times when your tattoo just isn’t doing it for you. Frustrated by the lack of high quality, effective options for just these situations we started working with one of the UK’s leading skin camouflage experts from St Mary’s Hospital London. Building on this base of scientific research we developed Tattoo Secret, an easy to apply camouflage cream specifically created for the heavy inks and colours often found in tattoos. As well as being highly effective and long lasting Tattoo Secret is kind to your skin and easy to wash off.


Available in light or medium skin tones.  

Ships express within Australia 

Product Information

Tattoo Secret products are not tested on animals.
Tattoo Secret Concealers and Powder are made in the EU.
Brushes are made in U.S.
Powder Puff is made in China.






Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Check out the pics!

I was so worried that my tattoo was going to ruin my wedding pics but your kit saved the day! And your customer service is amazing!

Love love love it!

I've been looking everywhere for a product this good. Thanks - you guys rock

Hey Joanna Great stuff! Thanks for your fantastic review!

Great product!

I was amazed how well it covered everything

Hey Tina Thanks for the great review. So glad you were happy with the product. We love it to!