Why do people choose to cover their tattoos with makeup?

Is it just me or does it free like the world is getting more and more polarising?

There seems so much more: "if you aren't for me, then you are against me," rhetoric. More "it's my way or the highway," and "if you don't agree with me then we can't be friends."

At the risk of ageing myself, I remember a time when there was more nuance. It felt like there was more middle ground. That just because we disagree on somethings doesn't mean we disagree on everything.

What does all this have to do with covering tattoos with makeup?

I firmly believe that people can and should reinvent themselves, daily, weekly, hourly if that suits. Today? Maybe I don't want my tattoo as part of my identity. Tomorrow, who knows maybe I'll go even harder and get some more.

But the point is, despite the way the world seems to be pushing us all. We don't have to be all or nothing. All of the time. You choose.

Here are some of the reasons people have told me they would like a tattoo makeup concealer:

  • My ankle tattoo looks awesome with my Duckfeet sandals but not with my work but not with my Jimmy Choos
  • My Mum doesn't like my tattoo and we both pretend I don't have it so it is easier if I cover it while she's in town
  • My shoulder tattoo just doesn't work with my wedding frock
  • I have an interview for a job I really, really want. I have no idea if my tattoo would be a problem but I don't want to risk it.


No matter what the reason for wanting to conceal your tattoo (and quite frankly, whose business is it anyway?) Here's an article with everything you need to know about how to use tattoo makeup.