Where can I buy tattoo makeup?

Where can I buy tattoo makeup Concealer in Australia?

One of the tricky things about covering a tattoo with makeup is matching your concealer to your skin tone. Online shopping is fantastic (I'm a big fan) but the pixels on computer screens often don't lend themselves to accurate and skin-like shadings.

So a really common way to buy tattoo makeup concealer is to go old-school and find yourself a bricks and mortar store so you can test the colour out yourself (a quick tip here, if you do go down that road is to make sure you check out the colour in natural light - not just under the store, fluoro lights.) And that may well work, although it is surprisingly hard to find high quality, purpose, built tattoo concealer without going online. 

If you want to go old school - here are my best tips:

Of course - there is a better way. By coincidence (or the power of Google) you happen to be on a page that will deliver you the very best tattoo makeup in the world. 

You can buy it online, right here, right now - without getting out of your p.js. You don't have to match the colour of the concealer. All you have to do is choose light or medium and then use our suite of colours to match your skin tone exactly.  And if you don't love it, we have a 100% guarantee.