How do people use our Tattoo Cover-up

As any one who has bought from me knows, I always send a personalised note with every purchase with my mobile number in case there are any questions or concerns. 

This week, I received a series of messages from a lovely lady that I'd like to share anonymously. For now, let's call her Sally.

Here's the message:

Hello Kathy

I've just received my tattoo camouflage kit, applied a bit to see how it goes & I'm delighted with the result.

Hoping it's waterproof as I intend going swimming very soon. 

It's great stuff so far. Thank you.


As you can imagine I was thrilled. You'll notice on the site we call it water resistant. That means resistant to sweat, a little bit of water, that sort of thing. I have never said that it was waterproof - just because that can mean anything really - you know, deep sea diving in a wet suit, say. Or riding a surfboard for 4 hours.

But, I thought Sally would be a great test of our new setting spray - an additional tool to really help lock things in place

So - I sent it to her and asked her to take it with her on her beach holiday and see how it went. 

As it turned out, Sally wasn't wanting to cover up a tattoo - she had dark veins on the back of her legs that she wanted to cover up. 

No worries, out tattoo cover up works for that as well. I just really really wanted her to be able to use it with confidence at the beach.

So, there was a little back and forwarding. And then.....

I got this excellent text:

We have a success! I'll put on my tanning lotion and I'll be able to wear bathers! Thanks so much Kathy!

A happy ending all round!