The best Tattoo Concealers in the world

What are the best tattoo makeup concealers?

(Update March 2020 -

To make sure that we really do have the best tattoo concealers in the world - we are constantly listening to our customers and trying out new things.

So.. we have now printed colour swatches. We are happy to post them out to you for free.

Even though we sell two kits -  we were still finding our lovely customers were finding it difficult to choose the right shade for them.

(There are 6 shades in total and between them, they make up an infinite number of colours.)

So - to be totally sure you are using the right colour in the best tattoo makeup concealer on the planet - just  drop an email to with your address. I'll shoot you the swatch out the next business day - for free.

Too impatient to wait? That's fine as well.

This page will help you choose your tattoo cover up.


 There are two questions I commonly get asked about covering a tattoo with makeup:

Question 1. "Will a tattoo makeup concealer work on my tattoo?" and
Question 2. "What happens if it doesn't work?" 

Here are some answers for you.

Question 1 "Will a tattoo makeup concealer work on my tattoo?" 

My Answer?

I've tried a lot of tattoo makeup and until recently, I would have said this:

"Probably not - unless you happen to be a qualified makeup specialist. And if you are then pretty much anything you use will work...."

And like Yoda, my next piece of advice would have been "If you can't cover it right, probably best not to cover it at all...." Nothing looks worse than a badly covered anything.

But then ... I found this cool product in the UK. I tried it on one tattoo and to my surprise, it actually worked. You don't have to be a makeup expert or have any special skills.

I tried it on another tattoo. Same deal. Without any special makeup skills, it just works

The secret is that the kit comes with a range of colours so you can play around and match your exact skin tone. A bit of time. A bit of patience. And Voila....Tattoo gone......

Put simply, this is the first makeup tattoo concealer I have found that just works.....

But it was only available in the U.K. 

So...I imported it. 

Question 2
2. "What happens if the tattoo concealer doesn't work?" 

My answer?

Well, you get to choose the answer to this one. If you'd like, we'll put you in touch with one of our Concealer Specialists and they'll give you a hand. We can do a phone call, a zoom meeting, or if you are close enough - a personal catchup.


You get your money back. No questions asked. It's that simple.