Like a tattoo but not sure how it will look? This app will help

Updated: April 2020

Everyone knows what a fan I am of this app. I think it is a great way test out your tattoo before you get it. Which was why I was excited to see this video that does a great job of explaining how it works. You can check it out here.



As someone who sells tattoo makeup concealer, I know that it's a good idea to be pretty sure about your tattoo before you go ahead and do it.

Inkhunter is an app that is designed to let you try any tattoo in real-time.

With a tagline of "Think before you Ink", this is a great way to test out a look without the long term commitment.

I just tried it out and it's pretty easy and the results are pretty effective.

All you have to do is 1. download the app (I did it on my iPhone from the app store.) Draw a square smile on the spot you want your tattoo (although mind didn't really work so I kindof skipped that bit). 

2. Choose from a library of designs (which are pretty cool) or design your own and upload it.

3. Edit the design while it is on the image - resize or re-orientate as you fancy. 

4. Finally, take a photo to record your new "tatt."

Check out the images below:

Ink hunter - how to be sure you love your tattooBlack and white. Here's a great way to make sure you don't need tattoo makeup concealer