Why do we sell Tattoo makeup concealer and does it work?

Some might call it over overly sensitive but my feelings were hurt the other day. As most of you already know, one of the main reasons the people buy our tattoo concealer is to cover up a tattoo for a wedding.

So I contacted a well-known bridal site to ask if they'd like an article about how to do it.

The reaction was this "Our readers would not be interested in this and are proud of their tattoos and like to show them off, not hide them."

So, at the risk of sounding a little defensive (don't worry it won't be the first time - here are some of the reason I know of that people choose to conceal their tattoo with our tattoo concealer.

Why cover a tattoo with concealer?

For some, tattoos are simply images they like. Images that have meaning to them, images that please their senses.

But for other people, tattoos, are "story markers" - allowing for the public display of something that was a pivotal moment. A vacation swimming with dolphins and a moment of awe for the natural world might be captured in a tattoo. A birth A full moon. A love... 

Tattoos have gone mainstream and those with tattoos are no longer the fringe. They are a legitimate form of storytelling.

People trade their tattoo stories in the most mundane place. In changing room at the gym, on buses, waiting for their kids to finish school.

There was a time when it was not done to ask about someone’s tattoo but now people use compliments about “the artwork” to start conversations. 

It's intimate, yes but its also a compliment. And almost always people with tattoos want to discuss them.

And so sometimes, people with tattoos are confronted by the idea of our tatoo makeup concealer.

"Why," they ask "would you ever want to cover up what is such an important part of you?"

My answer to that is that story markers like tattoos aren't always meant for everyone and every day. Sometimes there are days where the tattoo doesn't suit. Or fit. Or feel right. 

Our job is to make it easy for our customers to choose what story they want to tell that day. And that means providing a concealer for tattoos that works. It's quick. It's easy and it matches your skin tone.

Common reason no 1 for concealing a tattoo with makeup:

"I love my tattoo but I love my wedding dress even more and they just don't go together..."

This one is common. No one looks like "themselves" on their wedding day. Not really.  They spend hours on hair and makeup and tans and whatnot.

If their tattoo is an everyday tattoo - often that doesn't match the special vibe they are going for.

Common reason no 2 for concealing a tattoo with makeup:

"My Mum/Gran/Aunt (somehow it is usually female) to visit and she doesn't know about my tattoo"

Same deal. This is a one-time (or rare time) thing. It smooths the path and makes life easier. 

Common reason no 3 for concealing a tattoo with makeup:

"I am going for a job interview for my dream job and I don't want them to hold my tattoo against me."

As I said above - certain stories don't work for every occasion and this is another example.