Tattoo cover up for guys

There are lots of reasons to use tattoo cover up.

Some of our clients use our product because they need to cover a tattoo for a wedding. Some of them use it because they need a cover-up for a job interview. Some clients choose our product to cover a tattoo for more persona reasons, like meeting their partner's mother for the first time. Or, sometimes, it is because the tattoo our clients have, no longer makes them happy, or suits their life, or suits their values.

And while, the majority of our customers are female, we also have a number of males who need tattoo cover-up. This post is for those guys - to show you that it works just as well.

Here's an example of one of our clients (who kindly took some before and after shots.)

He went from this:

tattoo of dog paw to this

tattoo covered with makeup coverup

He was delighted with the results and said the process was far easier than he had expected given his "very limited experience with applying makeup of any kind."

Here are the steps he went through (in his own words).

1. "Your instructions said to prepare the area and make sure it was clean and moisturised. I had a shower and dried the area. That was it - sorry."

2. "I applied the neutralising base concealer. Just as you said - it went on easily. No drama. I spent a little bit of time smoothing it around the edges."

3. "I'm not sure if I was really supposed to but I kinda just kept adding different colours from your palette here until I liked it."

4. Applying the finishing powder was easy. I was worried it would make the whole thing "makeup" but it didn't.

"All in all. Super easy. Thankyou!!"