Tattoo ideas you won't regret

Tattoo Ideas - here's how to make sure you don't regret your tattoo

No matter how small or big, colourful or simple, hidden or visible your tattoo is, deciding to get inked is something you’ll have to live with your entire life. And as tattoos are becoming more and more popular, chances are you might want to get a piece of art on yourself as well.

While there are many reasons why people might want to get a tattoo, there’s always a chance you might end up regretting your decision and wishing you could take it back. While we are proud to sell the best tattoo makeup concealer in Australia - it is sometimes better to avoid the need to conceal your tattoo completely.

Read on to find out the top 5 ways to avoid making that mistake in the first place, as well as what to do if you do regret your tattoo.

How Often Do Australians Regret Their Tattoos?

According to recent research, 1 in 5 Australians have one or more tattoos. Out of those, an astounding 31% regret ever getting a tattoo.

According to the survey from McCrindle, 17% of tattooed Australians would strongly discourage their children from getting a tattoo and 15% have even looked into tattoo removal options or have begun treatment.

Who Is Most Likely to Regret Their Tattoos?

While some people take months if not years deciding what they want to tattoo on their body, others act more spontaneously. Although that can be a great characteristic to have, it can often lead you to make a decision you haven’t thought all the way through.

And while there’s a rising number of people who want to get inked, the number of people who regret their decision is growing as well.

But what is it that makes people regret getting inked and who is most likely to regret their tattoos?

According to a recent report, almost 1 in 4 people who made a spontaneous decision to get a tattoo regretted it a few days after they got inked. But that’s not the most shocking statistic on the list. According to the people surveyed, 45% of those who planned their tattoo for a year, regretted their decision within a year of getting inked. So if a lot of the people who got their tattoo at the whim of the moment as well as many of those who took a year to plan theirs out still had some regrets afterwards, how can you guarantee you’ll get something that you can appreciate and love looking at for the rest of your life?

What Can You Do to Ensure You Don't Regret Your Tattoo?

  1. Don't do it impulsively. Before you get a tattoo, make sure you sleep on it and not rush straight to the studio. And we’re not talking about just one night. Make sure to take a few months to think about the idea of getting a tattoo, the spot on your body where you want to get it and the tattoo design above all else.
  2. Never get one drunk. Although it might seem like we get a lot of our best ideas when we let our minds loose, which often happens after a couple of drinks, most of the times those ideas are not something we’re still proud of the next morning. Don’t let your tattoo become one of those regretful drunk decision.
  3. Never tattoo the name of a lover. One of the biggest tattoo regret people often express is getting the name of their lover or something related to them permanently inked on their body. That’s why no matter how sure you are that your relationship is going to be different than the rest and last forever, do not get a tattoo that’s somehow related to your partner so as to avoid expensive removal treatments or have to live with a reminder of a past relationship your whole life.
  4. Don’t let your friend tattoo you. No matter how fun and exciting the idea of having your friend tattoo you might be, unless you want to risk getting a really bad tattoo that you might regret later on, you should definitely stick with a professional tattoo artist. While there are many instances when it might be okay to have your friend tattoo you, especially if they are artistic, have experience in the field and have the right equipment, a professional tattoo artist will be able to give you more insight and help in your decision making process since they’ll be objective and speak from experience when they offer you suggestions.
  5. Research tattoo artists. Last but not least, if you want to guarantee you’ll get your idea executed perfectly to the last detail, you’ll need to find a reliable and professional tattoo artist that you can trust. Before you schedule your appointment, make sure to visit their studio, take a look at their work and most importantly discuss your idea with them to see if they’re a good fit for you. Note that while your friend might be satisfied with his or her tattoo artist, you should still check out their work beforehand to see if they’re a good fit for you. Ask to see their portfolio, follow them on social media and if you have a chance accompany a friend while they’re getting tattooed so you can get a chance to talk to the tattoo artist and watch them work.

What Are the Most Commonly Regretted Tattoos?

While it depends on a few factors including tattoo design, placement and size, let’s take a look at a few of the most commonly regretted tattoos, so you can avoid suffering from “tattoo regret” yourself.

  • Tattoo size. 63% of people who have tattoo regret said that the tattoo they regret having the most is smaller than the size of their palm, in comparison to 30% who regret having a tattoo that’s larger than their palm size.
  • According to statistics, 46% of the people surveyed said that they were under 20 when they got the tattoo they regret, compared to 45% people who were in their 20s, and 6% in their 30s.
  • According to the same research, the most commonly regrettable spots when it comes to tattoo placement include: the upper back, the upper arms, the hips, the face and the buttocks.
  • Design and content. According to the survey these are the most commonly regretted tattoos when it comes to design:
    • Tribal
    • Heart
    • Roses
    • Stars
    • Inspirational words
    • Crosses
    • Skulls
    • Butterflies
    • Flowers
    • Dragons
    • Wings/Angels
    • Chinese/Japanese characters and so on

What Do You Do If You Do Regret Your Tattoo?

If you’ve already gotten a tattoo that you regret, there are several options that you can look into, including removal options, cover ups or using tattoo concealer.

  • Cover Up Tattoos If you want to remove your ex’s name, a matching tattoo you got together, or a late night drunken decision you made on your vacation, one popular option outside of tattoo removal and tattoo concealing includes having it covered up with another tattoo. While getting a cover-up tattoo might be a better choice for some, you’ll need to consider the fact that the cover-up tattoo will have to be bigger than the old tattoo and the ink will have to go deeper, in order to cover it up properly. What this means is that if you ever want to have that tattoo removed later on, it will require a lot more sessions than it would have in the beginning.
  • Tattoo Removal. While there are many tattoo removal options available today, including: laser removal, intense pulse, light therapy, fading formulas, and dermabrasion, they are not equally suitable for everyone. Depending on your budget, your pain tolerance level, and how badly you want your tattoo gone, you can either choose one of these methods or go with a less painful and easier solution, which is to use tattoo concealer.
  • Tattoo Concealer. While all of the solutions we mentioned so far are great ways to deal with an unwanted tattoo, if you want to avoid getting inked again or having your tattoo removed using some of the more common tattoo removal methods, then you can opt for the safest yet easily available option and hide your unwanted tattoo, using a professional tattoo concealer. Tattoo concealers offer up to 24 hours of coverage, and are suitable for covering unwanted tattoos, concealing them for special occasions and events and so on. You can hide your tattoo completely following a few simple steps so you can keep your secret for yourself and not have to worry about it for a second.

While getting a tattoo you end up regretting is not the end of the world, as there are a lot of ways to deal with it nowadays, there are always ways to make sure that never happens. If you follow the five simple steps we mentioned above, you can definitely lower the risk of ending up with a tattoo you regret later on in life.