Tattoo cover up one-on-one

My name is Kathy and I'm not gonna lie - I'm bored. I'm tired of lock down. Tired of Netflix, tired even of walking my dog.

So I'm doing something a bit different this afternoon (Sunday 26 April.)

I am freeing up 2 hours to share my Tattoo Cover up secrets 4 very lucky action takers. 

As you might have seen in my last blog post, I know how tough it is when you have to cancel your wedding.

So, I'm giving first dibs on this opportunity to any brides who have had to postpone their wedding because of Coronavirus.

Here’s what you will walk away with after this call: 

Learn how to pick the right colour to cover your tattoo
Learn the four simple steps to apply it so that you perfectly cover your tattoo.

I am not sure when I will be doing this again though so grab a spot as soon as you can.

All you have to do to register is hit reply to this email and let me know you are in. I'll send you the details.

TICK TOCK...only 4 spots available and only one ME!

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