Tattoo Cover up

Everything you need to know about Tattoo Cover-up.

Tattoos are awesome! Be it a special memory you want to cherish forever, a beautiful piece of artwork or just a look, tattoos are a great way of expressing yourself.

But, sometimes you may choose to cover your tattoo up.

There are lots of reasons for this. 

Maybe you are going for a job interview. Maybe it is a special occasion. Maybe its a wedding. Whatever the reason, when you do choose to do, you want to get it right.

If you go searching for a phrase like "Tattoo cover-up" you will get a whole world full of competing and conflicting information.

Here is some information to get you started.

Option 1 for covering up a tattoo

Some sites will tell you that the best way to cover up a tattoo is with a tattoo cover sleeve. You can see some of those options here.

My call on tattoo sleeves? They are a simple tick-a-box solution. If you need to "cover up a tattoo" to satisfy regulations, this gets the job done. It isn't perfect. It isn't pretty but it gets the job done from a legal or technical sense.

Option 2 for covering up a tattoo

Another good and popular tattoo cover-up option is to conceal it with something physical. A piece of jewellery, a scarf, a long sleeve shirt.

If, for example, you have a wrist tattoo, you might choose to cover it with a thick bracelet. If you have a tattoo on your neck, you could choose to wear your hair down.

Depending on your tattoo position, you could cover it with a collar or long sleeves. Use your imagination here...

Option 3 for covering up a tattoo

Use a professional tattoo cover-up product. 

So clearly, I think our product is the best. That's why I import it from the UK. 

But in the interest of fairness, I need to mention there are lots of other products out there. The thing is you mostly need to import them from overseas. This can cause dramas with returns and guarantees  (just saying...)


Option 4 for covering up a tattoo

 Use our professional tattoo cover-up product

 Here's how:

Step one (no photo for this stage as it is very simple)

Prepare the area. Make it clean and dry.

Step two

STEP 2: Add the Neutralising Base Concealer

Put some base concealer onto a surface.  Put the concealer onto the small brush that is supplied and gently start applying it to the tattoo.

This is a good time for patience. Do this slowly and one layer at a time.

Test out the range of colours and see what works best for you.

Here's how that looks: 

tattoo cover up - step one








STEP 3:  Apply the finishing colours

Each of our tattoo cover-up kits has 3 colours. The kits themselves come in either medium or fair. They are designed to contain high colour pigmentation - this ensures long-lasting coverage.

To really get a great match for your skin - take a little time here as well. Test out the different colour combinations and see what works best for you. 

Here's that step:

how to use tattoo cover up 


STEP 4: Add Finishing Powder 

Finishing powder is the final step in this process.

Dust it on. It is lightweight. it also helps the makeup set with a water-resistant finish.

And here's what the finished product looks like...

final step of using your tattoo cover up