How to match your tattoo makeup concealer with your skin tone

Updated announcement: February 2020

We have printed colour swatches we can post out to you for free.

One of my goals, when I started importing our tattoo cover-up was to make it simple to choose the colour of the tattoo that matches your skin type exactly. I had tried to match my skin type to some random colour on the screen (which incidentally each screen is different...)

We only sell 2 colours with our product. There are 6 shades in total and between them, they make up an infinite number of colours.

But even with a choice of two - sometimes it is still difficult to choose. So, we have gone one step further and...drumroll please.... we now have printed colour swatches for our tattoo concealer that we can send you out in the post for free.

All you have to do is drop an email to and let me know your address. I'll shoot you the swatch out the next business day so you can have total confidence that you are going to get exactly the right colour you want.

Too impatient to wait? That's fine as well. Below is some more information on how to make sure you are choosing the right shade to cover up your tattoo:

It's not always easy to match your skin tone to make up - whatever you need it for. 

The very nature of tattoo concealers (in whatever form) is that they have to be thicker and more opaque than regular makeup.

That's just the way it is.

But it means that (even more than regular makeup) you need to get the right colour to match your skin tone.

And because there are approximately 4.0398 squillion different types and shades of skin, its a mugs game to try and get one off-the-shelf colour. 

So, we've gone with a different plan.

We have a colour palette in each pack so you can mix and match the shades so you can get an exact match.

This means instead of squinting at a screen and trying to match you skin to pixels, you just make one decision. Is your skin in our medium palette, or our light palette.

Here goes:

 If you skin has shades like this - pick medium



 If your skin has shades like this - pick fair

Simple huh?