I spent $780 dollars on tattoo cover-up. Here's what I learned:

Reviews of Tattoo Cover-up products

I never do anything in a half-hearted manner.

When I decided I needed a dog in my life I went out and bought a rescue puppy who turned out to be 80% Great Dane and who now weighs 60 kgs.

When I decided I wanted to get fit, I signed up for the New York Marathon - and did it.

So when I decided I wanted to try and cover up my tattoo with a concealer, I went out and tested every product on the market.


I spent $780 (and can you believe it I didn't even keep the receipts) and here are my favourites

Winner.... obviously.....

Tattoo Secret 

Tattoo secret tattoo cover up


It works..

12 + hours of coverage

Smudge and water resistant

No animal testing

A high quality natural finish



Jordane Cosmetics Total Tattoo Coverage in Cream Original

tattoo cover up


This lightweight coverage is smooth and creamy and has a surprising degree of cover. It does a nice job of providing natural coverage.



Provides natural cover


May not have enough coverage to completely hide all types of tattoos.