How to cover a tattoo for a job interview

How do I cover a tattoo for a job interview?

There are a lot of reasons, you may want to cover up your tattoo for a job interview. Maybe it’s a dream job. Maybe you really, really want it but you aren’t sure what the company culture is and you want to cover it up while you figure it out...

Maybe it's a short-term job and it's no problem to keep it covered for the duration.

 And of course, there are jobs being a flight attendant where tattoos are fine – you just need to be able to cover them while you are working.

How to cover a tattoo for a job interview is one of our most frequently asked questions so we are going to take a look at this one in a little more depth.


Happily – it’s easy to cover your tattoo for a job interview. Here’s a step-by-step guide:


Here's how In 3 simple steps using tattoo secret concealer kit ( the light kit for her) covered up her ankle tattoo).

Step One: Apply the neutralising base colours

Step Two: Apply the finishing colours

Step Three: Set the colours.

It really is that simple...


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