Get the right colour for your tattoo cover up

Usually, in these posts, I try to provide good, useful information about how to conceal your tattoo. I consciously don't push my particular tattoo cover up products because when you are researching solutions to your challenge, it doesn't help to have companies pushing their product down your throat.

So, I regularly link to video how-to even if they don't use our product because it is useful. 

Here are some of our most popular links that provide answers to tattoo cover-up related questions:

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But every so often I get asked a question and our product is so clearly better than everyone else that I can't help but come right out and say it.

So here it is. When you are trying to match concealer cover to your skin don't try to pick a colour online. Just don't it won't work.

Don't try to figure out whether your skin has apricot tones (even if you do, there are approximately 40 bajillion kinds of apricot toned skin.)

The answer, of course, is to blend your own mix that matches your exact skin tone.

And (here's the bit I warned you about) with our products you only have to make one choice: Here it is:

If your skin is close to any of these tones, pick medium

Medium toned makeup concealer

If your skin is close to any of these tones, pick light

light coloured skin tones

The real magic starts once the product arrives and you get to blend our delicious colours to make the perfect match for you.

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