How to cover a tattoo with makeup

 Our last free online workshop "Everything you need to know about how to cover your tattoo with makeup" was so popular, we are doing it again this Tuesday.

Here's what we will show you:

1. How to match your tattoo concealer to your skin tone.

Let's face it. Matching your skin tone to any makeup is tricky. One of the worst possible looks is that line where the makeup ends and your skin starts.

So during the webinar, we will show you how with just our 2 kits, you can mix your own shades so you get an exact match.

 We will also discuss how we have printed colour swatches so you can check your skin against the actual colours we offer.  We will happily post that out to you for free

Again - all the details will be in our webinar.

(Spoiler.  All you have to do is drop an email to and let me know your address. I'll shoot you the swatch out the next business day so you can have total confidence that you are going to get exactly the right colour you want.)

The reason I am such a fan of Tattoo Secret Camouflage Kit is because I hated the idea of matching my skin type to some random colour on the screen

So instead, we only sell 2 colours. Between the 6 shades - there are an infinite number of colours.

2. How to prepare your skin so it is ready to apply your tattoo concealer. 

Tattoo cover-up is just like any other makeup - it is important that it is applied to clean, dry skin. You don't need to use a primer but of course, you can.  

3. We'll talk you through each step in applying your tattoo cover-up.

Here are the three steps we'll cover

    • Adding the Neutralising Base Concealer Take a little of the Base Concealer onto your hand using the spatula. With small strokes, take the concealer onto the brush and apply to the tattoo. (Pro tip: Do a full layer and allow it to dry. Repeat until the tattoo is completely covered.
    • Applying the finishing colour. There are 3 Finishing Colours in our tattoo kit. All you have to choose is light or medium. Spend a little time here and play around. Try out different combinations until you have a  natural match for your skin tone.  Make sure you blend the edges carefully
    • Applying the finishing powder. This is really easy to apply because it  is lightweight. It allows the makeup to set with a water-resistant finish. Just touch the powder on with the puff that we have provided. Here's how that looks:

Here are all the details:

Date: Tuesday 17 March 10.00 am Brisbane time.

No need to download anything - just click here at the right time for your time zone.

Or if you'd rather, you can just read our Ultimate Guide to Covering Your Tattoo with Makeup.