Do tattoo concealers work to hide a tattoo?

When our clients ask "Does tattoo concealer really work?" or more specifically "will tattoo concealer work on my tattoo?", what they are really saying is this:

"I have made the decision to cover my tattoo. Now I need to understand whether I can do it without a. a weird colour on the place where my tattoo is or b. a sensitive, smudgy area that will make me paranoid the whole time I am out.

The answer to this is - probably, but it really does depend on your tattoo. High-quality tattoo makeup concealer uses a three-step process to prime, cover and conceal a tattoo.

But to be really sure if it going to work on your particular tattoo (or tattoos) we recommend you take our really short and really honest quiz. That way you'll know for sure.

Take our quiz to find out if our tattoo makeup concealer will work for your tattoo.

We've put together a comprehensive article on everything you need to know about concealing a tattoo with makeup here.