Help! My bridesmaid has a tattoo - how can we cover it up?

Can I hide my bridesmaid's tattoo with your tattoo makeup concealer?

Tattoos and bridesmaids. It's a thing. It's a big thing.

One of the most popular reasons that customers buy the Tattoo Secret Camouflage Kit is to cover up a tattoo on a bridesmaid.


But my job is to try and stay away from any kind of controversy (except to say that I feel that the answer is personal and there is no right or wrong) and just give you some information and answer two of the questions that I get asked a lot.

So here goes:

1. Will your tattoo makeup concealer hide my bridesmaid's tattoo?

Weirdly it is really hard to find a straight answer to this question.

So I'm going to do it. My answer is: probably.

With the right tattoo cover up makeup (that coordinates with your natural skin tone - more on that later) most tattoos can be concealed.

The art of tattoo concealing takes a bit of time, a bit of patience and a bit of practice

I have to be honest and say that there are limits to what can be concealed. A full body, full-colour tattoo is not going to disappear.

Go with a quality product. There are quite a lot of cheap products that claim to cover tattoos but I've tried lots of them in my search for the perfect solution and they. just. don't. work.

Save your money and your serenity If you care about the outcome, invest in quality.

Our tattoo cover up makeup is not regular makeup. It's not just thick foundation. It has been formulated for a specific purpose and as a result, it works.

And while I'm at it with the boring lecture - this is a multistep process.

We have put together products that are designed to work together. Don't mix and match other products with our products.


Yeah this one might be a tricky tattoo to conceal

 Okay so if this is your bridesmaid, we might have a bit of a problem concealing his tattoos.

    2. How do I prevent the tattoo makeup concealer from rubbing off on my dress or hers?

    Happily, this one has an easy answer. Use our Tattoo fixing spray and don't give rubbing or smudging another thought.

    This Kryola fixing spray is strictly required and for many purposes, it isn't required but for bridesmaids and/or brides. Go for it. 

    It is waterproof and seals the entire area and lasts for up to 24 hours.

    Truly it is a no brainer. If you are in any doubt - use the fixing spray.