Tattoo covers - how to do it for a wedding

Tattoos and weddings... it's a thing...



Our client (let's call her Maria)  had a problem. After months of searching, she found the perfect wedding dress. It looked made her bridesmaids cry...
There was only one problem. It was backless and she had a small tattoo on her back that her mum didn't know about. 

She googled Tattoo Covers - and found us.

Here's what she said:

"Thanks so much for simplifying the process of tattoo covers. Everywhere else I looked, everyone was telling me I had to choose a colour that matched my skin tone just by looking at the computer screen. I was so relieved to find a product that allowed me to blend the colours myself."

I was married almost 20 years ago now so I'm a bit out of touch with wedding these days but I work with a lot of brides who want to cover up their tattoos with makeup for their big day and here's what I hear a lot"

"I got my tattoo when I was younger and I had a different look then..hell... I had a buzz cut and wore doc martins. I love that younger me. And it was a wonderful time in my life but my wedding dress is sophisticated and classy and it doesn't match my tattoo. I would never get rid of my tattoo as it is part of who I am but I don't it visible for my big day. That's why I was so pleased when your tattoo makeup concealer worked so well."


"I was never the kind of person who dreamed of getting married. In my twenties, all I wanted to do was escape to another country and travel and have adventures. Which I absolutely did. I got my tattoo (yes okay when I was drunk) in a tiny town in Thailand). It was kindof a mistake and yet I still love it. Then I got older as you do. Met my fiance. Eventually, we got tired of travelling and decided to start a family. For me, that meant getting married. 

And if I was going to get married, I wanted my wedding to be perfect. My dress was backless and it showed my tattoo. That's when I went searching for a tattoo concealer with great reviews that worked and would not rub off on my dress."


"Why do I want to cover up my tattoo with makeup on my wedding day? For me it was just about getting the look completely right. i had my hair done, my makeup done, my skin bronzed. My tattoo is private and it didn't suit my dress. The tattoo makeup concealer covered it perfectly. "