Best tattoo cover up makeup - a step-by-step video

When I first started looking for a tattoo cover-up solution that worked, I read every blog there was. I  was looking for a solution for a friend who needed to cover up her tattoo as she worked as a flight attendant.

At first,  I was pretty convinced that she could use regular makeup to cover up her tattoo so I dove deep into blogs that promised to show me how. I tried layering makeup, I tried allowing time for it to dry between applications. I still couldn't get the coverage I was after.

The conclusion I finally came to was that tattoo cover-up needs to be designed specifically for that purpose. It turns out that tattoo makeup has stronger colour pigments than regular makeup to conceal better and longer.

So then I decided to try cheaper tattoo concealer. I tried a variety of different brands and types for under $50. Same deal. It didn't work and I got increasingly frustrated spending money on products that didn't do what I needed them to do.

So finally, I went top-shelf. I went looking for the tattoo cver-up options that were $100, $150 and more. And I hit gold!

I ended up importing Tattoo Secret Camouflage Kit from the U.K. and finally, I was able to cover my friends tattoo in a way that covered the tattoo as well as looking natural and staying in place for an entire shift.

Below is a super easy tutorial to show you how it works (on a real person) and how easy it is to cover your tattoo with makeup once you have the right product.

Here's how to conceal a tattoo with makeup. Step by step and super easy.