Great quotes for your next tattoo

Inspirational quotes are everywhere. Instagram, wall decals, daily journals, road signs.

But what about inspiration that you can carry with you everywhere?

Here are some beautiful examples of inspirational tattoos:

The universe...


inspirational tattos


She believed she could so she did....

tattoo quote she believed she could


Sometimes you need to let it go...

For some people, the job of their tattoo is to remind them forever of a certain time in their life. For others it is a reminder of an important life lesson or a state of mind.

Sometimes, a quote comes immediately and without thinking but other times there is much thought.

Words have power. Stories have power. For almost as long as there have been people, there have been both. They are used to make love grow, to make war happen and every emotion in between.

The right words can right wrongs, heal hurts and power armies.

The saying is that a picture is worth a thousand words. So imagine the power of a quote and a picture tattoo. 

Maybe you already know exactly what quote you want to put in your tattoo but need some help on how to present it? Here are some design tips:

Besides choosing the quote, you should pay attention to several other design elements. These include colour, design, and font.

Colour: you can choose black and make a statement, you can choose a colour or you can choose a different colour for each word.

Font: The font has a surprisingly big role to play. It adds a subtext; e.g. wacky fonts for funny quotes or cursive fonts for romantic quotes.


Here are some more cool quotes that might give you some new inspiration....


"All we have to decide is what we do with the time given us." 

"Be the one to guide me but never hold me down."

"Dream as if you'll live forever."

"Don't dream your life.Live your dreams"

"Be kind to yourself"