5 Star Reviews for our tattoo makeup concealer

As many of you already know, I started this site because I couldn't find any tattoo makeup concealer in Australia that actually worked.

It's a scary thing starting a business. Scarier still when things start working. You get sales (which is the point right?) 

So you wrap up your tattoo concealer in white tissue page, write a card and wait. 

You send an email to check if everything is good. Is it working? Can you understand the instructions? Do you love it?

Often there is no reply because, you know, customers have lives too. 

And then, slowly the reviews start coming in. You click on the review, hold your breath and squint your eyes a bit.

5 stars from a customer in Brisbane who bought our tattoo concealer in the medium shade. 

Finlay Wilson
 2 weeks ago
Got it quickly and was really impressed with how effective it was. Being able to conceal a tattoo as easily as this is a game changer, highly recommend!
and then another who bought our tattoo concealer as well
Tina Hay
 5 days ago
Great product and was amazed at how well it covered everything. Would definitely buy again.
and another
Ally Plowman
 5 days ago
Super pleased with the results! Needed this for a last minute event. The package arrived promptly and the concealer works really well. My friends couldn't believe it.