5 Things you should know before you choose a tattoo makeup concealer

What is the best tattoo concealer?

5 things you should know before you buy tattoo makeup concealer

Choosing a tattoo makeup concealer - especially online - can be stressful and expensive. No one wants to look like a certain American politician who can't seem to match real skin tone with his concealer. A little too orange anyone??

 We spend a lot of time and energy demonstrating the best ways to use our tattoo concealer but here's a bit of a listicle to help make things even easier.

 Here are the top 5 things, we think you should know when you choose a tattoo makeup concealer.

Top Tip No 1 - Quality matters. It really, really does

Google "Tattoo Makeup Concealers" and you'll find about 50 cheap products pop up that claim to be able to cover your tattoos. Let me save you some time and money. They don't.

I have spent a lot of time testing and researching these products and the cheap ones, without exception are either watery and don't do the job or don't last. These products do work.

Top Tip No 2 - Take time to practice

Like anything makeup related, using tattoo makeup concealer takes a bit of practice. You'll see from our videos that there are some techniques such as blending and feathering the edges of the makeup that can really make a huge difference. (Using these techniques just beyond the tattoo creates a more natural look while still covering the tattoo.)

 If you are a makeup kind of person then you might have a quicker learning curve but I guarantee you, there will still be some practice involved.

 Top Tip No 3 - Less is more

 For many people, the temptation when they first start is to apply a heavy coat. A far better strategy is to apply a thin layer. Once you have done that, smooth the makeup in and then let it dry. After that, add another layer. Keep that process going until you get the coverage you are after. 

Top Tip No 4 - Use a finishing spray (preferably ours because it is awesome)

If you use a finishing spray, you can be confident only the tattoo design and surrounding skin is covered - not your outfit. 

Top Tip No 5 - Use a gentle makeup remover once you are done with the cover.

If you don't it is possible that some of the more stringent removers will damage the actual tattoo.