• tattoo concealer helped her to coverup her tattoo just in time for her wedding

    Turning back time is hard. We make it look easy.

    12 Hours faultless tattoo cover. guaranteed

Hey! I thought you might show up here. So I made this page for you.

You googled: "Tattoo Cover Up" "Scar Makeup Concealer" or "How to cover a tattoo for a wedding." And that's how we met.

And you googled those words because you have a thing.

Maybe your thing is a tattoo on your calf that you regret whenever you wear your heels. Maybe you don't regret your butterfly tattoo but someone else does and they'd like it covered up for their daughter's wedding. (Oh wait, that one was my thing...)

Maybe it is your wedding. Or a job. interview. Or a scar.

But whatever your thing, here's what I know about you for sure.

You want to turn back time. Not forever. Just for a little pocket of time.

Just for a day (and maybe a night) you want to:

unget that tattoo.

unget that scar

unget those marks.

Well, my friend. In this crazy, infinitely enormous internet, you've found the right place.

Because that's exactly what we do...

Tattoo cover up makeup

The rogue product that is changing the concealer game

12 hours faultless coverage - guaranteed

Tattoo Secret - Camouflage Kit (IN STOCK - ships within 24 hours)

Lush, creamy and powerful, this world-class tattoo cover up provides you all the protection you need to cover your tattoo like it was never there. 

"Super pleased with the result. My friends couldn't believe it" Ally Plowman

"Great product and was amazed at how well it covered everything." Tina Hay

--- Water and smudge-resistant ---

--- Not tested on animals and cruelty free ---

--- Natural finish ---

---Now available in Australia ----

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Our Philosophy

"Love, love, love it!" Best tattoo cover up I have found - by miles"

Joanna Anderson - Bondi

"We have a success! You are a gem!"

Jules - Ballarat

"I am getting married soon and just don't love the look of my tattoo with my dress. I am excited to use your kit on our special day! Check out the photo!"

Linda Gray - Sydney

Hide your tattoo like an expert. This tattoo concealer kit is easy to use and delivers great results

Up to 12 hours camouflage of any skin imperfection. 

Provides a natural, smudge and water resistant finish.

Kit includes:

Two neutralising concealers, three colour match finishing colours powder, with brushes and applicators.

Easy to use with full step by step photographic instructions.Range of shades with high colour pigment for perfect skin tone match

Simple. Easy. Perfect.

Stories from real life (because IRL is where we shine...)


What do you do when you have a wedding coming up and you want to hide your tattoo for the day?

That was the situation Julie was facing. Here's how we helped. Read more here

Wrist tattoo concealed

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Option 3: I know you are saying Tattoo Secret is easy to apply but talk is cheap. Show me. Sure! I gave Tattoo Secret to a friend of mine and gave her zero instruction. Here's the video.