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Finally...a tattoo cover-up solution with real power

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"Do one thing well, Darling Kitten, that's where the magic lives.."

I once worked for a 5'11, European Aristocrat  named Billi.   She bred world-class Irish Wolfhounds and had a laugh that was very nearly as sexy as her shoes.

I was a 16-year-old schoolgirl wearing my Mum's Laura Ashley blouse. Adoration doesn't even begin to cover it.

She drove a Jaguar. Her clothes were bespoke.

"Pick one thing, Darling Kitten," she would say as her expensive perfume wafted over me.  "And do it perfectly."

As you and I travel together further down the page, I hope you catch a tiny breath of Billi's perfume. Those wise words echoing through time, from Billi to me, to you.

"Do one thing. And do it well."

Today, Darling Kitten, I give you a Tattoo Concealer Showstopper...

You  googled:

"Tattoo Cover Up" 

"Tattoo Makeup Concealer" 


"How to cover a tattoo for a wedding."

And you found us. Do you know why?  It is because google ranks us higher than almost every other tattoo concealer.

You know why that is?

Because we do one thing. And we do it well

We import Tattoo Secret from the UK. It is luscious, creamy and easy to use. No colour matching - just choose from 2 shades and match the colour yourself. No tricky instructions. No degree in makeup-ology required. Our iron-clad money back policy seals the deal.

This beauty consistently gets five star reviews and is on track to become a cult classic.

Billi would be proud.

Tattoo cover up makeup

Tattoo Secret - Camouflage Kit (IN STOCK - ships within 24 hours)

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12 hours faultless coverage - guaranteed

--- Water and smudge-resistant ---

--- Not tested on animals and cruelty free ---

--- Natural finish ---

---Now available in Australia ----

Everything you ever wanted to know about concealing your tattoo with makeup

Tattoo cover up for a wedding

Hide your Tattoo like an expert.

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tattoo cover up guarantee

Its on us to make sure your tattoo makeup concealer works

5-star review

Our 5 Star Reviews

Love, love, love it! It is the best tattoo cover I've tried - by miles

Joanna Anderson - Bondi

My tattoo stretched when I was pregnant with my daughter and I am going to get it removed. Your concealer lets me wear my bikini again until I do!

Liz Anderson - Manly Qld

It took a little practice but I can now combine the colours to match my skin tone exactly and cover my tattoo

Judith - Redcliffe Qld

Let's get to know each other!